Monday, February 4, 2008

Well now, isn't that special?

Let me tell you, I would LOVE to write something fascinating and scintillating concerning rhetoric, something coherent and thought-provoking about the parallels between jazz and composition, something poignant and earth-rocking with critical theory as its main focal point, but the thing is…I can’t. At least, not at this very moment in time. Like many other average (read, “poor”) college students living, learning, and working in the contemporary reality of these United States, I once struggled to afford and now struggle to avoid the outrageous price mark-ups so delightfully embraced by the entire college bookstore industry. Which means, my dear, sentient, hopefully not imaginary readers, that I order my books online whenever possible. And herein lies the crux of my current delicious dilemma.

In a nutshell: Ordered the books online. Waited for them to arrive. Waited. Waited. Talked to self in angry and unflattering manner. Waited. Sent frustrated and apologetic email to Professor. Waited. Waited. Went to bookstore to buy outrageously overpriced shelf copies of already-ordered books. Purchased and began to read. Still waiting for already-ordered books to show up.

Anyway, as you, my possibly imaginary reader, might well imagine, I am still in the process of reading through the material I plan to write about in this week’s pseudo-intellectual blog. As a result, my inaugural post will be…


Because, deep down inside, everybody loves a dog who can play some sweet, sweet jazz. Even imaginary blog readers.

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